Birth announcement: Jude Alden!

You might all remember the *daddy* of a consultation I did for an actual dad, Cameron, and his wife Chelsey, back in April as they struggled between their favorite name versus a naming tradition that wasn’t yet a tradition but would be cemented with this wee baby. Cameron has let me know his son has arrived and been given the handsome name … Jude Alden!

Cameron writes,

Peace be with you! Our little boy made his debut on 6/10/16 at 7:40am after a long and difficult labor.

His name … Jude Alden! Ever since we discussed the name and you mentioned that we may not get to use it again, we decided to stick with it. When we saw the little guy, it totally clicked and fit with him.

He weighed 8lbs and 6.5oz while at a length of 20.5inches. Chelsey is doing well and recovering from the long process!

Thanks again for everything and especially the prayers.”

So they decided to go with their favorite name, and I’m so glad they did — as Cameron says, “When we saw the little guy, it totally clicked and fit with him.” How wonderful!

Congratulations to new parents Cameron and Chelsey, and happy birthday Baby Jude!!

image1 (4)

Jude Alden


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