Birth announcement: Joel Edward Scott!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her little guy has arrived and been given the handsome and meaningful name … Joel Edward Scott!

She writes,

We were so sure that boy name would be Joseph Samuel Scott, and then he was born and wouldn’t you know that he looked us in the eyes and was a Joel Edward Scott. He missed the feast day of St. Joel (I JUST found out – wasn’t even tracking feast day!) by 2 hours. (TWO HOURS!) but as my mom pointed out, God is rocking the boat for this little one, so all we must do is trust! [The mama later added: ‘And I just received clarification from my friend who told me about the feast day that it’s the 13th (I’m sitting here in the hospital stuck on the 14th but it’s the 15th) and she said it’s not the first thing you find when you Google but it’s the French name day for St. Joel.’]

I’m printing out your baby name consultation for his keepsake box, because I want baby Joel to know how much love and thought and consideration went into his name. Thank you for all your thoughtfulness! I have loved reading and re-reading your consultation!

Guys! How COOL is is that little Joel was given the name of a saint practically on his feast day — all unbeknownst to his parents?! SO great! I LOVE that kind of thing! And isn’t Joel Edward Scott such a handsome combo?

Little Joel joins his big sibs:

Liam Byron
Logan Kurt
Pio Julian (with Jesus)
Amelie Maria Margarete

Just a wonderfully wonderful family of names!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Joel!!


Joel Edward Scott



4 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Joel Edward Scott!

  1. I like how all the boy names (here on Earth, don’t know if Pio is a boy or girl) have a strong L sound, ties them all together. My first 2 have matching first letters (K), just like Liam and Logan, but we don’t want to continue the trend with the next (hopefully) future children. I like what you did.

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