The Saintly Heart boys

I follow Maggie from Saintly Heart on Instagram (she’s also on FB, and this is her web site), and she was recently telling me about her boys’ names, which I just love, so I asked her if I could share them with all of you and she said yes! Woo!

Her handsome boys are named:

Blaise Emil (after St. Blaise and Servant of God Emil Kapaun)
Savio Michael (after St. Dominic Savio and St. Michael)

Sooo handsome, right?! I’ve never seen Savio used as a first name before, but I like it!! Maggie writes,

My husband and I are huge Saint lovers … We love sharing the faith when people ask us where’d we come up with those names. Most people think ‘Blaze’ as in fire so we get to catechize there and then our little Savio gets the most unique questioning and we get to share about the sweet St. Dominic Savio then!

I love love love the idea of evangelizing through names — I think it’s one of the most fun and easy ways to do so, and it can really make a difference to those who hear the stores of how the names were chosen and to whom they refer.

Thanks to Maggie for sharing!!

Savio Michael (left) and Blaise Emil (right)


6 thoughts on “The Saintly Heart boys

  1. Super cool! I only know one other person who has used Savio (instead of Dominic to honor St. Dominic Savio), but they used it as a middle name. (Luc@ S@vio is his name.)

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