Birth announcement: Brinley Josephine!

I did a private consultation for a boy name for a mama who was expecting a little green bean 🌱 but was set on a girl’s name. She let me know she’ll have to save the boy ideas for the future, because she had a baby girl (!) who was given the sweet name of … Brinley Josephine!

She writes,


Brinley Josephine

I will be saving all of your boy name suggestions for the next one because I LOVED SO MANY OF THEM!!

I happen to know that one of the points in favor of Brinley Josephine was that Dad wanted to call her Brinley Jo, so I asked the mama if that had come to pass, and she said,

We are calling her Brinley Jo (and Brina, baby Bee🐝, Brinnie-Minnie, etc… We love nicknames)!

SO cute!! Brinley joins big brother:

Everett Gabriel

Such a great sibling set!! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Brinley!!

Brinley Josephine


9 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Brinley Josephine!

  1. 🍃💕🍃 Oh my goodness … OH MY GOODNESS!!! 🍃💕🍃 What a lovely surprise to read your blog today!!!🍃💕🍃 This beautiful little one is my grandchild #6. Oh joy … oh happy day! 🍃💕🍃 Hugs & kisses to Miss Brinley Jo … … … 💕Omie

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  2. I love that! Josephine has that nice old-fashioned and feminine ring to it….plus of course the saint connection!

    I had to comment to say that is one adooorraabble little girl! Seriously, I want to smoosh her cheeks just looking at the pic 🙂 Congrats to the happy family

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  3. I’d never heard the name Brinley before…..until my niece was born 6 years ago. She is Brinley Anne. So neat to see another Brinley out there! Welcome to the world, Brinley Josephine

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