Birth announcement: Chiara Marie!

A mama who asked for some last-minute thoughts on their ideas for their fourth baby has let me know that they had a girl (!) and gave her the gorgeous, meaningful name … Chiara Marie!

She writes,

I usually go past 40 weeks carrying my babies but went in to labor a little earlier than anticipated this week at 38+6 and gave birth at 39 weeks on Wed, 7/20 at 11:22!  It was a LONG and HARD labor for a 4th baby, thanks to baby being OP.  Mm, back labor is so sanctifying and screamy.

Anyway, we had our FOURTH GIRL!!!!!!!  My husband, as I’d mentioned, got final naming rights and went with Chiara Marie.  We are smitten and so are her big sisters.  Thanks so much for your input on our list of names!

(“back labor is so sanctifying and screamy” — I love and loathe this line all at once! “sanctifying and screamy” is such a great description!)

Little Chiara was named for Bl. Chiara Luce Badano, who is such a great patron for a girl, and she joins her equally well named big sisters:

Margaret Anne
Felicity Perpetua
Genevieve Faustina

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Chiara!!


Chiara Marie


19 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Chiara Marie!

  1. Oh! She’s a little redhead, much like her long-ago (other) namesake of St. Clare of Assisi (often depicted as a redhead)!!

    Welcome dear Chiara!

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  2. Would all you lovely readers be so kind as to pray for my Daughter-in-law who has had a very difficult pregnancy and is at the 9 month mark? This lovely Momma is sooo ready to welcome her wee angel!
    Thank you for each and every prayer!
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless her, her sweet Baby, and each of us!

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  3. Is the “ch” in Chiara pronounced like a “k” or…? (That’s what I’ve assumed lol.)

    Love the meaning behind her name and how Catholic it is (and how Catholic her sisters’ names are!!) and I just really dig their style. Five of the eight names they’ve used are on my own list! 🙂 Their girls’ names are so beautiful together!

    Congrats to the family!

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