Birth announcement: Lucy Twiggs!

I posted a consultation for Lily and her husband last month, and Lily’s let me know their little girl has arrived and been given the gorgeous name … Lucy Twiggs!

Lily writes,

Twiggs was born on July 11, she made her appearance before her due date which made her mama happy. Our southern hot summer was killing me and I was happy she came a few days early!

We are all smitten with her and adjusting to life as first time parents. She has a sweet little personality and I think she fits her name perfectly.  Thank you for all your help with the naming!

If you remember, Lily hoped to call her little girl Twiggs (even though it was most likely going to be in the middle name spot), and I’m excited that she chose one of the names I suggested as the first name! I’m also loving Twiggs as the “call name,” especially after reading the moving comment Lily’s mom left on the consultation post explaining how very moved Lily’s dad was that his granddaughter would be called after him. Just wonderful!!

Congratulations to the new parents and the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Twiggs!!

Lucy Twiggs


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