Birth announcement: RoseMary Immaculata!

I posted a consultation for Cara and her husband last month — though they were expecting a little green bean 🌱 (=gender unknown), they were all set with ideas for a girl and only needed help with ideas for a boy. In the end it wasn’t needed, though, as they had a girl! Their Little Miss has been given the gorgeous name … RoseMary Immaculata!

Cara writes,

I wanted to let you know that baby number six, a little girl, arrived for us, on the First Saturday of this month.  The husband and I, looking at the calendar had agreed to use a Marian name for a daughter born on a Marian feast or First Saturday.  For any other day a girl would be Agnes.  

The first Friday of this month was our Lady of the Snows or the Feast of Dedication of St. Mary Major where they drop white rose from the dome of the Chapel of Our Lady at St. Mary Major.  The following day was first Saturday.  For either of those days we agreed on RoseMary Immaculata.  RoseMary after the Rosary and the aforementioned roses.  We capitalized the M because it seemed like we should.  Immaculata is after the Immaculate heart of Mary.  I told my husband earlier in the week that I thought it was going to be a girl after the Blessed Mother.  Come Saturday morning after praying my rosary and attending Mass I went into labor and she was born later that day. 

She was baptized today on the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe founder of the Militia of the Immaculata.

Thanks for your help, even though we didn’t have a boy!

I love all the significance behind each part of her name — what a great name story!! If you remember, RoseMary joins big sibs:

Blaise Gerard
Ambrose Lawrence
Benedict Augustine Joseph
Caecilia Majella
Anastasia Lucia

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby RoseMary!!


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