Birth announcement: Taavi Orion!

I’d done a private consultation for Lynda, who was also the winner of the Annunciation Designs giveaway last week!, and she’s let me know her little guy has arrived and been given the amazingly handsome name … Taavi Orion!

Lynda writes,

Baby got here on Friday! His name is Taavi Orion (last minute change)! … My husband’s name is David so this was too perfect.”

What a great week for her! 😀 Excitingly for me, Taavi — a Finnish form of David — was one of the names I’d suggested to her after being inspired by this little Taavi — it’s such a cool name, I love it! He joins big sibs:

Mirai (meer-eye) Luna
Evander Sol
Aviva Estrella

What a family! Such beautiful names!!

Congratulations to all, and happy birthday Baby Taavi!!


Taavi Orion (I’m dying over his thumb! 😍 )


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