Birth announcement: Elizabeth Margaret!

Amanda’s consultation was the one that posted this past Monday, and in light of my little niece’s birth announcement from this morning (Margaret Elizabeth), it seems very appropriate to post the birth announcement for Amanda’s little green bean 🌱 — a little girl who’s been given the gorgeous name … Elizabeth Margaret!

Amanda writes,

Elizabeth Margaret was born at 10pm MST, Sept. 19th.  I couldn’t convince my husband to change Margaret to a first name, and he wanted to use it now.  He also wouldn’t agree with using a variation of it.

Thank you for your help in naming her!  While I was in labour, we were still talking about boy names.  My husband mentioned Nicholas, and though I have a sister name Nicole, it was growing on me throughout labour.  We’ll definitely have to keep it on our list for the next baby!

It’s such a wonderful combo!! Margaret was Amanda’s husband’s paternal grandmother’s name, and it’s so lovely with Elizabeth — royal, really!  This wee lady joins big sibs:

Olivia Rita
Zachary Claude

I love Elizabeth as a sister to Olivia and Zachary! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Elizabeth!!


Elizabeth Margaret


6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Elizabeth Margaret!

  1. Funny that you posted a picture of St. Elizabeth of Hungary on Instagram. When I saw Elizabeth next to Zachary, I thought of St. John the Baptist’s parents. Anyway, you can never go wrong with Elizabeth!

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