Birth announcement: Margaret Elizabeth!

You all know about my sister-in-law, mom of Owen who was grandchild No. 10 for my parents — and grandSON No. 10! We have been a boy-only family since my oldest was born twelve years ago (today)!

Until … last month! I have the very great pleasure of announcing the birth of the very first granddaughter in my family, born to my other brother and his lovely wife. They have given her the beautiful, meaningful name … Margaret Elizabeth!

Margaret is my SIL’s mom’s and grandmother’s name, full of meaning for her. Elizabeth, though, is a funny story — originally they’d talked about using my SIL’s mom’s maiden name, which was also my SIL’s middle name before she got married, but then their oldest son Matthew (who’s 5) was *sure* the baby was a girl (they didn’t find out gender) and that her name was Elizabeth! His best friend Elizabeth had moved away last year, which may be where his inspiration came from, and when Margaret — Maggie ☺– was born, they decided to use Elizabeth as a nod to her big brother who came up with the idea, and her other big brother Benjamin (who just turned 3) who no doubt went along with his brother’s grand plan. 🙂

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday to my beautiful niece (I still get swoony over being able to say “niece”!), Baby Maggie!!

❤ Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) and her big brothers ❤



18 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Margaret Elizabeth!

  1. Oh my gosh! Congrats to your family!! She’ll be a well protected little girl, lol.

    I ADORE her name too! Reminds me of the consult you did where they said Elizabeth Margaret might be too much of a name. Seeing Margret Elizabeth on an actual baby makes me think it probably isn’t! Two grand names, makes her sound like royalty!

    Also Margaret “Maggie” with Matthew and Benjamin is just perfection!

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  2. Margaret Elizabeth is my daughter and I’m NO name buff. My husband and I really never reinvented the name list- our list has really been the same for all 3 kids. Elizabeth wasn’t really on my radar until Matthew insisted that the baby was a girl and that her name be Elizabeth. I will admit I was a little worried it might be too much of a name too but we thought it was fun that the boys had a say in her name. And I never thought of them as being Royal- love it!

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  3. Lovely! I don’t think Margaret Elizabeth is too heavy at all – I see it as a classically Catholic type name. Bet there were lots of them mid-century. And I have heard Maggie Beth as combo several times – wonder if it is given or nickname for this exact combo.

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  4. Love it! Margaret is on my list as it was my great-grandmother’s name (she was Marit, which is the Norwegian/Swedish form of the name). And I’ve always adored Elizabeth (hence why one of my daughters has it as a middle name).

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  5. This situation reminds me of an exchange off Blue Bloods:

    From “After Hours,” when everyone’s opening fortune cookies:
    Nicky: [reading from a fortune cookie] “A mysterious stranger is on his way.”
    Erin: No, he’s not.
    Nicky: Yes, he is.
    Frank: Your grandpa has 36,000 armed men at his disposal, he’s not.
    (Copied and pasted from TV Tropes)

    20 armed (with the goodness of the Lord) men. Step up or ship out! Congratulations to your family Kate!

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  6. Margaret Elizabeth is my mother’s name. My grandmother was also a Margaret and one of my cousins is another Margaret. My mom is Peggy, my cousin is Maggie and my grandmother was called Marna as a child. It’s one of those classic names that fits every age and has a ton of nicknames. Good choice!

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