Baby name consultant: Tori Spelling’s No. 5

I know, you’re all thinking, “I thought she was on a consultation hiatus!” and I am — still plugging away — but when my sister-in-law texted me the other day that actress Tori Spelling is expecting her fifth baby, I perked right up like a prairie dog (does that image make sense to you? You know how prairie dogs sort of stand up, like they’re on alert? That’s what I always picture myself doing when I hear that someone’s expecting a baby! 😂😂😂) because I looooooove Tori Spelling’s name taste AND I’ve had ideas for her for ages! So it’s taking me like five minutes to put together this post. (I’m hoping to get back on the new-consultation train soon!)

Her older kiddos are:

Liam Aaron
Stella Doreen
Hattie Margaret
Finn Davey

I love the Irish feel of her boys’ names; I love the old-fashioned chic of the girls’ names — Stella’s currently at a peak of popularity, but the last time it was similarly popular was the early 1900s, which is when Hattie was most popular (and they were at similar rankings back then); I love that they all incorporate family names (Aaron is Tori’s dad, Doreen is her mother-in-law, Davey is Tori’s own middle name and a family surname if I remember correctly, and I don’t remember what connection Margaret has); I love how they all go really well with big brother Jack (from her husband’s first marriage). Seriously, she’s done a great job.

My SIL encouraged me to post about it, and then I read Tori Spelling Has Been Great at Baby Names but Now She’s Stumped (baby’s gender is as yet unknown), so here we are!

That article suggested Owen for them, which I think is a fantastic suggestion — I think it’s a great name for Jack, Liam, and Finn’s brother, both style-wise and popularity-wise. I’m not as much a fan of their suggestion of Charlotte — gorgeous name, but it doesn’t feel quite right to me for them. I really wanted to suggest both Greta and Daisy — Greta because it has the same old Hollywood feel I get from the combo “Stella Doreen” especially (like Greta Garbo), and Daisy because it’s sweet and nicknamey like Hattie — but since they’re both variants of Margaret (Hattie’s middle name) I thought they weren’t the best suggestions (though if she chose either one I’d be delighted!). Instead, this is what I think would be great if they had a baby girl:

(1) Mabel

Mabel was one of the top names of the first decade of the 1900s and currently has a similar popularity arc as Stella and Hattie. Such a sweet name!

(2) Georgia

Like Mabel, Georgia also has a similarity popularity path to Stella and Hattie, both in the early 1900s and currently. It’s sweet for a little girl and sophisticated for a woman.

(3) Ruby

Ditto all of my comments on Mabel and Georgia for Ruby! It’s got the right profile all around for this family.

(4) Greer

Greer is the only name that’s off, popularity wise, from the others — it’s actually never been in the top 1000 — but 1940s actress Greer Garson inspired me.

I’m sure Tori doesn’t need middle name ideas, since I’m sure she has more in her family tree that would be great, but I was particularly loving the idea of Eleanor as a middle, for what it’s worth.

For boys, I was as much inspired by their Irishy theme (perfect with last name McDermott) as I was with their four-letter theme (which Owen fits in with perfectly):

(1) Milo

Jack, Liam, Finn, and Milo seem like an awesome set to me! (Or Miles, if they don’t mind losing the four-letter thing).

(2) Bram

Ages ago — like ten years ago — on BabyCenter there was a name poll for a family who had three boys already: Jack, Finn, and Bram. Ohhh my, I loved that set — so much so that I remember it all these years later! So I’m suggesting Bram. Love it.

(3) Declan

I think Declan most closely matches the popularity arc of Jack, Liam, and Finn as a set. It’s a great name!

(4) Connor

Connor is most like Jack in its popularity — pretty steady at about the middle of the top 100 — and it’s amazing with McDermott.

If I had to choose a middle name, I’d probably consider either Dean (unless it’s Jack’s middle name) or Patrick.

I’d love to hear your ideas for the Spelling-McDermott family!


24 thoughts on “Baby name consultant: Tori Spelling’s No. 5

  1. I knew none of this about Tori Spelling, and I’m AMAZED she’s having a 5th! So different from the typical Hollywood crowd!

    Anyway, I’m just chiming in to say that I think Bram is a totally swoony name. Amazingly awesome.

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  2. Honestly think you hit the nail directly on the head with Greer and Bram!!!!!

    But twist my arm for suggestions and I’d say:

    Alice, Adair, Beatrice, Camille, Cecilia, Evangeline, Katharine, Olive, Pauline, Rosemary, Virginia, Willa

    Cian, Eamon, Ian, Jasper, Killian, Orion, Quinn, Rafe, Roan/Rowan/Rowen

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  3. Declan is so spot on I think for them for boys! I know a sibset of Liam and Declan!

    I love the above suggestion of Owen as well! Super cute

    Maybe Cormac? They seem to like super Irish names for their boys!

    For girls, I thought maybe Lucy. It’s old fashioned like Stella and Hattie. Little more popular like Stella, and nickname-y like Hattie!

    Also for some reason I thought of Vera. Might be a little old for them, but Hattie is pretty old fashioned too!

    Thought of Annie as well. Annie seems super Irish to me (no real reason why), and I just think it would be super cute with all their other names.

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  4. Keeping with the Gaelic four-letter name theme, for a boy I like Evan, Kent, Sean, Wolf, Ross, Paul, Neil, Jude, Hugh, Hugo, Euan, Boyd, and Reed/Reid.

    For girls, keeping with a passing fashion six-letter two-syllable theme, I like Eartha, Edythe, Glinda, Goldie, Maisie, Winnie, Sylvie, Mollie, Lenore, Ginger, Daphne, and Phoebe.

    I love it when I see celebrities with large families!

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  5. did anyone say rory yet? because I know real life adult siblings finn and rory, and it just goes so well with the theme! I prefer it to owen (also because I live in scotland and like, there’s no irishy owens but plenty of jacks, liams, finns and rorys).

    for a girl there’s just too many! maybe something like violet, norah, pippa? i like willa but it’s too similar to stella, maybe.

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    • Rory’s a great idea! I thought about including Nora as a suggestion, I really like that one too. Violet and Pippa are beautiful as well, I could especially see them using Pippa.


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