Birth announcement: Tori Spelling’s baby no. 5!

I normally wouldn’t post a birth announcement for a celebrity’s baby, but I posted some ideas for Tori Spelling’s fifth baby a while ago because I’ve long thought she’s a pretty amazing namer and yes, I’d actually had a list of ideas for her thumbtacked to my weirdo brain’s name board for a while. 😂

Anyway, her baby has been born! A boy named … Beau Dean! I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t think of Beau — now that she’s chosen it I’m like Of course! It’s four letters like their other boys, and though I’m not thrilled with the flow of the one-syllable Beau with the one-syllable Dean, I do love that she used Dad’s name as the middle name and probably would have made the same choice if I were her.

Amazingly enough, I looked up the SSA stats for Liam, Finn, and Beau, as I suspected that their popularity arcs might be similar but staggered, if that makes any sense, with Finn as popular now as Liam was a few years ago, and Beau as popular now as Finn was a few years ago — I feel like Tori’s shown herself to have her finger on the pulse. I was sort of amazed to find that Beau is currently just a hair more popular than Finn currently is! And with a much gentler rise compared to Finn’s steeper ascent.


But of course Finn’s stats are somewhat misleading, since Finn as a given name joins the Finians, Finnegans, Griffins, and others that go by the nickname Finn — the Finn names are hot hot hot right now! And I bet Beau will be too in a couple years.

All in all, I’m pleasantly content with the new Spelling-McDermott baby’s name. What do you think of it?


21 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Tori Spelling’s baby no. 5!

  1. Such a cute name (but I totally agree about the one syllable 😉 ! I didn’t know her other kids’ names- I esp. love Finn Davey & Hattie Margaret. All the names seem a little on the different side and go together so well!

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  2. I love Beau (and Bo)! I agree that it sounds like Bodean but I sort of enjoy the sound of that and it makes the two 1-syllable names not sound as choppy. Beau Dean reminds me a bit of Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard.

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  3. I love beau! So much! It’s a name I have definitely thrown out for a future boy, but our youngest is Luke and my husband thinks that too Dukes of Hazzardesque. Anyway, I agree with you about having her finger on the naming pulse. She always does great. And I like that she used Dad’s name even when the flow wasn’t great – makes it even more purposeful.

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  4. I love it. I lobbied hard for Beau Benedict for my first 6 years ago but my husband said no. My dad’s middle is Dean so I kind of love Beau Dean even though the flow isn’t perfect.

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