Birth announcement: Niamh Émilie!

Do you remember the spotlight I did recently on Niamh and Naomh? The mama who asked for the spotlight has let me know her little girl has arrived, and has been given the gorgeous combo … Niamh Émilie!

She writes,

Our daughter was born just before midnight on her due date, July 1st (Canada Day, and Canada’s 150th, which was fun as we are Canadian), and we did name her Niamh Émilie as planned. My husband and I both loved the connection you drew between the meaning of Niamh (radiance, brightness) and the feast of the Transfiguration, so we’ve made that (which is today!) her sort of name day. Maybe next year we’ll even get around to celebrating it, but this year we’re still adjusting to the noisy chaos that is three kids under four and didn’t manage anything beyond Sunday Mass as usual.

Several comments on the Niamh post mentioned concerns over the difficult traditional spelling of Niamh, and I agree that will be somewhat annoying for her as she grows, but I have an unusual name myself and it was never that big a deal; plus we just love the name so much, and dislike its phonetic spellings, so Niamh it is. Also, it turns out that Niamh is her uncle and Godfather’s favourite girl name, and what he would have liked to name a daughter of his own. Her whole name written out looks beautiful, as well; we feel it is something she can wear proudly throughout her life. Just at the moment though, she’s going by Niamhlet (pronounced Neavlet) or, as her big brother likes to call her, “Niamh the Beev”.”

Niamh the Beev!! Niamhlet!! SO CUTE!! I’m so thrilled that they went with Niamh after all, and I’m so happy that the Feast of the Transfiguration is her feast day — so cool! Her mama also let me know that Émilie is in honor of Servant of God Fr. Emil Kapaun. Such a beautiful, meaningful pair of names!

Niamh joins big sibs:

George Benedict
Mara Lucie

What wonderful taste!! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Niamh!!

Niamh Émilie and big sibs George and Mara


6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Niamh Émilie!

  1. Congratulations! A beautiful name but then I am Irish so completely bias. I’m also so glad you went with the proper spelling for Niamh as like you had mentioned Naomh translates to saint as you mentioned in your in your spotlight post. An Irish person might just read Naomh Émilie as St Émilie which I suppose isn’t too bad but just seeing that name written down connates a masculine vibe for me. The noun Naomh is in fact a masculine noun of the first declension so as a native Irish speaker and translator strikes me as very masculine. It wouldn’t be obvious to someone without Irish though and I am hype aware of language considering my speciality is translation.

    Anyway, just offering another perspective to the names Niamh vs Naomh.

    Congratulations again! You pick beautiful names, Benedict is one of my all time favourite names.

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  2. What a beautiful name for a delicious wee babe.
    I think as long as you just quietly correct the mispronunciation of her name it wont become a big deal for her as she gets older.
    My daughter’s name is me it’s obvious how it’s said but it’s amazing how many people call her Alana or even Eleanor. She’s an adult now and it’s never really bothered her.
    Congratulations on you new daughter

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