Talking about religious name changes for women at CatholicMom

My August column at posted today! Religious Name Changes for Women.


It was such a fun piece to pull together! I drew from the content and comments of these posts here, here, and here when writing it, and I have a few more posts on the topic of religious name changes if you want to read more, which you can find by clicking the Religious name change link under “Tags” in the sidebar. If you have any stories or info to add, please do so in the comments! I love finding out these beautiful traditions of our faith, and how they differ from Order to Order.


3 thoughts on “Talking about religious name changes for women at CatholicMom

  1. I meant to comment on the last blog about this and forgot. We have a friend who just made her final profession with the Discalced Carmelite Monastery. Her name is Sister Teresita M@rie of the Holy Eucharist. We were actually lucky enough to be at the mass of her final profession of vows. Amazing experience, and amazing name!!!

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