FUS Households

Not only do I love baby names, but I love names for groups, organizations, businesses, and products as well. I know I’ve mentioned before, but when I worked in advertising we got to spend some time brainstorming name ideas for a couple of new products and services, and I loved doing it! More recently, I’ve also been able to help name a new business, as well as this project focused on women as mothers (whether they’ve given birth or not).

Anyway, I’ve always loved reading the shoutouts from alumni to others in their households in the Franciscan University of Steubenville alumni mags — the households always have the most incredible names! I discovered recently that they’re all listed online, and I had so much fun looking through them all. The women’s households are here, and the men’s are here. Such gorgeous, significant names!

If any of you went to FUS and have any insight as to how the household names are chosen, I’d love to hear about the process!


17 thoughts on “FUS Households

  1. The youth ministers at my home parish when I was growing up (and probably still now…) were pretty much exclusively AMDG guys. It always gives me a nostalgic chuckle 😉

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  2. I am a graduated member of Madonna of the Streets, named in honor of the popular painting by the same name. The story behind the painting is actually quite fascinating, but what i found to be most interesting is that the artist originally named the paining “Madonnina” or “Little Mother”. I’ve always liked the name Madonna but never would use it due to the pop culture reference. Maybe Madonnina would be a neat way to use it instead, nickname Nina!

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  3. You asked about households! I’m a FUS alum and name lover!

    Household names are chosen by the founding members as they join together and discern what charism they feel called to– and the name ‘sticks!’ Although different charisms develop and change throughout time: although obviously we are always called to grow deep and deeper in our relationship with the Lord!

    I was in Carae Domini which means ‘Beloved of the Master’.

    Usually there are nicknames to many households too (some are not so nice!). For me, some of the household names that are amazing (Stella Mariae) are names that I may not chose today because I didn’t join that household 🙂

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    • Katie I went to write a similar reply & you’d beaten me to it! Love you sister! (Carae Domini here, too!) But it is so neat how the name sticks. My husband was a founding member of Disciples of the Word, so I think of myself as a Beloved Disciple (And St John the Beloved was given to me as my household patron saint–i think discerned by you, Katie K!). And my senior year roommate, Maid of Honor & dear friend was Stella Mariae–we loved each other’s households so dearly we called our room Stella Domini. Thx for the memories!

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      • I love you Colleen!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

        Names are so fun- I was thinking of the Disciples as I wrote the reply– so fascinating to see households form and continue! We always joke about which household my husband would have joined — and as he wasn’t an independent spirit in college he probably would have joined where most of his ‘buddies’ would have joined — which means AMDG 😂

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