Birth announcement: Felix Thomas!

When I know a mama who has had a baby, I usually wait a while to e-harass her about letting me post a birth announcement here, so all you mamas that have had babies recently (so! many! in my IG feed!) — don’t think I’m ignoring you! I will eventually email/message you once I think I won’t be disturbing your babymoon and attempts at rest!

One big sign that I can do a birth announcement is when the mama posts the birth and/or naming story on her blog or Instagram! And so I’m excited to share today for those of you who don’t already know that Jenna, whose consultation I posted back in May, has posted the name story for her littlest guy on her blog! I love love love that she and her husband went with … Felix Thomas! And I’m dying over the connection to Felix Leseur — I LOVE his and Elisabeth’s story!!

Be sure to hop on over there to read all about it and see pictures of his sweet little face, and read his birth story too if you’re into that kind of thing (I am! I so am!).

Congratulations to Jenna and Daniel and big sibs Oliver, Atlas, and Primrose, and happy birthday Baby Felix!!


11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Felix Thomas!

  1. I think Felix fits the other siblings perfectly, particularly the boys. I think it bridges the more common Oliver to the unique Atlas beautifully, as I see common but rarely used name. Primrose and Marigold are also perfect matches. Maybe you will get to use that another time.

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