I wrote about the Kimye baby for CatholicMom.com

Oh yes I did. Check it out:

The Naming of Saint West


(Isn’t that one of the nicest pictures of them you’ve ever seen? I love how soft and pretty her hair is, and how happy they look.)

I’d love to know what you think of the article! I’m a little bit controversial in it. (I mean, as controversial as Catholic baby naming can be.) One of you may have been quoted in it (not naming any names, I think you’ll you know you are. 😉 ).



Saintly names

In light of the announcement of Kim and Kanye’s baby boy’s name (Saint), which has sent the internets into a capital-T-tizzy, thought I’d reblog the post I’d done on the name Saint over a year ago.

As I commented on Twitter, I think the selection of Saint is evidence of a yearning for holiness, which is a wonderful gift to give one’s child. 😇

Sancta Nomina

I just read the birth announcements of Saint Lazslo (born August 20), son of Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, and Ophelia Saint (born August 1), daughter of Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl.

I was struck by the use of “Saint” in both names (and especially as a first name) — I’ve never known that word to be used as a given name in English (and I admit I’m a little surprised to see it being used by celebrities who, as far as I know, have not been loud and proud about any religious affiliation. Never mind that “Saint” is a pretty Catholic term — I have heard non-Catholic Christians refer to all of faithful Christendom as saints, but at least in my experience it’s generally more heavily weighted toward Catholic). However, there are common names in other languages that translate as “Saint” or “holy” (which is what “saint” means):

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