I wrote about the Kimye baby for CatholicMom.com

Oh yes I did. Check it out:

The Naming of Saint West


(Isn’t that one of the nicest pictures of them you’ve ever seen? I love how soft and pretty her hair is, and how happy they look.)

I’d love to know what you think of the article! I’m a little bit controversial in it. (I mean, as controversial as Catholic baby naming can be.) One of you may have been quoted in it (not naming any names, I think you’ll you know you are. 😉 ).




17 thoughts on “I wrote about the Kimye baby for CatholicMom.com

  1. 😀 😀 Loved it!!

    I’m slightly coming around to Saint. I will never use it, but I’m not as against and still kinda advise against it, but I don’t have hate is as much anymore.

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    • Hooray!! 😀

      I feel similarly to you — I can see the beauty of the name, but I can’t see myself ever choosing it. Santino/Sonny on the other hand … there was a little guy in one of my boy’s classes a few years ago named Sonny and one day I heard his dad call him by his full name (sternly) and he said “Santino” and I thought I was going to die of happiness. So cute! But too Godfather I suppose, for someone who doesn’t love The Godfather (I just don’t) and who isn’t Italian (not a drop).

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  2. Gah. I’m so torn. I cannot abide by Kimye. But…they did have North baptized last year in an Armenian Catholic ceremony in Jerusalem. And they seemed to really take that seriously. I mean, maybe not seriously enough to start, like, attending Divine Liturgy every week and praying evening prayer every night, or whatever, but enough that they were pretty reverent about it. And I have said that no matter how much a name is not to my taste, most parents bestow names on their children lovingly. I mean, I can’t be so arrogant as to think everyone likes the names I do—examples include Edith and Jasper which would both be pretty “out there” for our family and community. So…I guess Saint could be, ultimately, a gift to their child in some way. Perhaps he will be the one to help the Kardashian family return to their faith.

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    • Oh yeah! It’s such a great resource for me! I loooove browsing the entries, and I love how legitimate/trustworthy the DMNES is as a source — hard to find that! And I’m still in total disbelief that you take the time to read and comment on my blog — THAT is a thrill!

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  3. Was just thinking about this again as I have a friend with a little one named Santiago – which you listed in your currently used saint variants. They call him Santi – so literally”saint”.

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