A few short hours until the Zelie & Co. Charity Auction!

I’m getting so excited about the Zelie & Co. Charity Auction — tomorrow’s the day!

Theresa has worked so hard to put together a simply beautiful set of items for the auction, which will benefit PerpetuaLife Care, Inc., which is a 501C3 dedicated to supporting my local affiliate of the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility™, Gianna of Albany.


I’ve been posting pictures of the pieces in our set all afternoon/evening over on my Instagram — be sure to check them out!


Be sure to follow the hashtag #ZelieCharityAuction to see all the beautiful items being offered by so many beautiful ladies!

The auction will start at 9am Central (10am Eastern for my part of the country) and will run until midnight CST. Highest bidder wins the set! (And the second- and third-highest bidders on our set will also get a NamePrint from me. 🙂 )


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