I’m going to be on Jennifer Fulwiler’s radio show today

Before I address that ridiculously amazingly awesome post title, I just want to thank all of you who participated in the Zelie & Co. Charity Auction yesterday! A lot of money was raised for some wonderful, worthwhile causes. Special thanks to Theresa, our dear reader and the mama behind the Happy Nest Home Goods Etsy shop, for creating such a beautiful set for the auction, and for asking me to partner with her in the first place. It was an honor!

Back to that post title … aahhhhhh!!!!! Yes!!! It’s true!!! I’ll be on Jen‘s show this afternoon!!! I don’t even know how my life has taken the direction it’s taken — well, of course, I do know: it’s all God, every bit of it, He has blessed me something fierce — but I’m just saying, if you’d told me not that long ago that I would be on Jen’s show I would not have believed you. That’s for big deals, not for normal me and my fun name ramblings!

It should be a lot of fun — Jen’s asked me to give her a name consultation, which you know I love to do (!!), and I have some good ideas for her — I’m excited to see if she thinks I’m spot on or if I totally missed the mark. It’ll be a nail biter! 😀

Her show runs from 2:00-4:00 Eastern time, and I’ll be on around 3:20 (maybe a few minutes earlier, maybe a few minutes later) for about twenty minutes. Here are the details for tuning in:


And I know not everyone has Sirius XM (myself included), so there’s this info also:

jen_fulwiler - Copy

Once Jen posts that free highlights podcast I’ll be sure to share it here if my segment makes the cut! (The other links from that image are here.)

So please say a prayer for me that I don’t make a huge fool of myself, especially because it’s *live* (eek!), and if any of you are able to listen, please let me know your reactions!

I hope you all have a holy and blessed Ash Wednesday!


16 thoughts on “I’m going to be on Jennifer Fulwiler’s radio show today

  1. Exciting!!!! Let us know what you advise in your faux consult (she’s not preggo… is she?) if it’s not in the clip!! Her oldest and my husband share a name that is super uncommon in his generation, and even more so in her son’s, I would imagine. And I don’t know her girls’ names.

    You’ll do great! You sounded so cute in the Carrots podcast (in a good way!). 🙂

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    • I will def let you know all know what I suggested if it’s not in the highlights podcast when she posts it!

      Hehe, well you know how enthusiastic I am about names — I feel like I come across as this crazy name lady that you want to pat on the head and smile indulgently at!

      Also — your hubs’ name is the Irish first name right? Her son’s is a family surname with the O’ removed — same sound but different intentions … I would say her personal taste tends toward last-names-as-first-names, which we discussed on the show. So fun!

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  2. Have so much fun! I love Jen and I love you so it’s bound to be good! I really hope she posts your segment to the highlights because I don’t have Sirius either. 😭

    (Purple hearts for Lent.💗)

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