Baby name consultations

I love doing name consultations! If you’d like one for yourself or know someone who would, you can get all the details here.

11.13.17 Chinese (+Catholic?) names

11.06.17 Sophisticated and saintly for baby no. 3

10.23.17 Name of Greek origin needed for baby no. 4/girl no. 3

10.16.17 Svellerella Baby No. 5!

10.09.17 Fike Baby no. 8!

10.02.17 Traditional name with cute nickname for baby no. 6 (boy)!

09.25.17 Five-syllable, not-“harsh” name needed for boy no. 5

09.18.17 “Unique, foreign, vintage” name needed for no. 5 green bean

09.11.17 Lots of rules for baby no. 7 (fifth girl)!

09.05.17 Brit/Italian(/French?) name for no. 4 green bean

08.29.17 New ideas for yesterday’s consultation

08.28.17 Classic Biblical and/or saintly name needed for baby boy

08.14.17 Help pick the right combo for baby no. 5/boy no. 3!

08.07.17 Twin boys to join two big brothers with Old Testament names

07.31.17 Boy no. 5 needs a name that fits with the very cool style of his siblings

07.24.17 Third baby boy needs meaningful name that works in Spanish/Portuguese/English

07.17.17 Italian (+ biblical?) name for little girl that complements big brother

07.03.17 Baby no. 7 needs uncommon+recognizable+not-too-difficult name

06.26.17 Less popular first name + virtue middle for baby boy

06.23.17 A, M, E name for baby no. 3

06.19.17 Baby no. 9 needs a name that’s not generally popular nor Catholic popular (and a few other rules!)

06.15.17 Short, meaningful, unique, pronounceable name needed for baby girl no. 3

06.12.17 Antique/exotic/saintly name for baby no. 6/boy no. 3

06.08.17 Twin sisters to Landon and Brooks

06.05.17 Baby no. 4 needs first name for middle Shirley or Warren

05.29.17 Non-M Marian middle name for a baby girl

05.22.17 Saintly surname style for third brother

05.18.17 Remembering Lily in no. 5’s name (boy or girl)

05.15.17 Honoring St. Josemaria with boy no. 2’s name, etc.

05.11.17 New baby in the Huset!

05.08.17 Traditional, timeless, saintly name needed for boy no. 5

05.04.17 Formal name for Lola or Lulu?

05.02.17 Boy no. 2 (difficult last name and eclectic name taste)

05.01.17 Rose’s twin sister!

04.24.17 Bold Catholic names okay for Baby no. 2!

04.17.17 Patton Camper No. 6!

04.10.17 Short call name would be great for baby no. 4/boy no. 2

04.03.17 Traditional/theological/biblical/long-ish girl name needed

03.27.17 Middle name for Molly

03.20.17 Heather from the Go Forth podcast! (Continue long+short or not?)

03.13.17 Boy no. 3/baby no. 4 needs great first name with friendly nickname

03.06.17 “Nursing home,” Spanish, and saint/New Testament boy names for born baby no. 3

02.27.17 Is this name okay?

02.20.17 Third baby & third boy + cementing “naming style”

02.13.17 Boy no. 4 needs easy biblical and/or saintly name that works with middle name and last name

02.06.17 Spanish middles and Mexican saint names for baby no. 5 if a boy

01.30.17 Brother name for Jude and Isaac

01.23.17 A first name, C middle name for baby girl No. 5

01.19.17 Twin baby miracle girls!

01.16.17 Boy name needed for No. 4 in a fun, saintly sibset

01.11.17 No. 5 tiebreaker’s coming tomorrow and needs a name!

01.09.17 Artistic, worldly, saintly names a plus for the third of three brothers

01.02.17 No. 5 green bean — solid, saintly, no nicknames

12.26.16 No. 6 baby/No. 5 boy with some serious rules!

12.19.16 Danish + Irish inspiration for Baby No. 2

12.12.16 Unusual name needed for baby No. 7

12.05.16 “Nothing is too strange if it honors a saint”!

11.28.16 Rainbow baby needs a meaningful name

11.14.16 “Geek Catholics” need help naming No. 3

11.07.16 Name needed for no. 6, a boy!

10.31.16 3rd boy/6th baby needs traditional name with possibly jazzy middle

10.27.16 Bonus consultation: Tori Spelling’s No. 5

10.24.16 Mom likes “weird,” meaningful names for no. 6

10.17.16 Mary, music, and ends-in-a

10.10.16 French-ish for girls, classic for boys, no ending in long E

10.06.16 Bonus consultation: Baby girl for family with eclectic taste

10.03.16 Baby girl No. 2 with JR initials or … ?

09.29.16 Bonus consultation: Preference for three-syllable Old-World catacomb-y names

09.26.16 Biblical boy name with one-syllable nickname preferred

09.22.16 Bonus consultation: Two naming styles, and having-to-spell

09.19.16 Classic + modern for little green bean

09.12.16 Eighth baby (boy) — no repeating initials please!

09.05.16 Song-themed boy name needed

08.29.16 Slightly unusual+longer first name with easy nickname

08.22.16 Biblical and/or first-millennium Saint’s name needed

08.15.16 Lots of rules for Boy No. 3!

08.08.16 Kolbe’s little brother

08.01.16 Baby No. 11 (girl) (no repeating initials!)

07.25.16 No. 5 after four girls

07.18.16 Boy and girl names needed for Baby No. 4

07.12.16 Benedict Arnold or Robert E. Lee?

07.05.16 Baby #6 needs a heavy duty Catholicky Catholic name

06.27.16 Biblical or Irishy for a little boy

06.20.16 “Cute, pretty, creative, professional” name needed for a little Southern Belle

06.13.16 No. 3 green bean needs Southern Catholic/biblical name

06.06.16 Lillian or Marie, Noah or Jude?

05.30.16 Green bean No. 5 needs an elegant, slightly offbeat name

05.26.16 Name ideas for imaginary Baby No. 10

05.23.16 Biblical and/or French/German-ish name for No. 4 green bean

05.19.16 Green bean twins with an Irish last name

05.16.16 20s/30s and/or Brit/European-inspired names needed for fifth boy

05.09.16 Warrior Saints

05.05.16 Sole Searching Mama’s Baby No. 7

05.02.16 Baby #4 to add more joie de vivre

04.25.16 Finn’s little brother or sister

04.18.16 Less common, meaningful name for third baby boy

04.11.16 First baby, a boy–John+[something] or Jude?

04.07.16 Bonus: Arwen’s new little guy!

04.04.16 Little sister for Justin

03.28.16 Hip Brit names for a fifth baby

03.21.16 Boy name struggles for #4

03.17.16 Martin Lad #6

03.14.16 Eleanor’s little sister

03.07.16 Baby Borobia Take 2!

02.29.16 Baby Girl needs an obviously Catholic name

02.22.16 Saintly, Italian, meaningful name for Baby Girl

02.14.16 Baby #8, gender unknown, not popular name please, and girls end in -a

02.08.16 Baby #4, awesome initials please

02.01.16 Name for a little Austrian lady

01.25.16 Little Miss after 5 boys, and rethinking the planned name

01.18.16 Baby #5 from across the world

01.11.16 Time keeps flying for Ana Hahn

01.04.16 German name needed for Little Sister

12.28.15 Unusual Marian name for Baby Girl #2

12.21.15 Saintly, musical, Irish, not “plain”

12.14.15 A little brother for four big sisters!

12.07.15 A little green bean to join a solid, saintly set

11.30.15 My newest nephew!

11.24.15 Bonus (pseudo) consultation

11.23.15 First baby!

11.16.15 “Normal” Catholicky name needed for Baby #4

11.09.15 Baby Borobia #8

11.02.15 Baby #5 (boy #4): John Paul? Augustine? Matthew? Or … ?

10.26.15 Irishy unisex surnamey name needed for Baby Girl #6

10.19.15 Saintly mid-century name needed for Baby #3, a girl

10.12.15 Saintly, nature-y name that follows the rules needed for Green Bean Baby #3

10.05.15 Little brother for Simon! (update: George Stephen!)

09.28.15 Lots of restrictions, lots of creativity

09.21.15 Not-so-normal Catholic names

09.14.15 Baby boy due on St. JP2’s feast day

09.10.15 Third little green bean needs an old-fashioned out-of-use name (update: Tessa Araceli!)

09.07.15 Middle name for Lucia’s sister (update: David Newton, Jr.!)

08.31.15 Green bean #4 needs a name that fits with older sibs (update: Juliet Rose!)

08.24.15 A little football, a little Catholic baby naming (follow up/clarification from Mrs. Rivers here; update: Clare Magdalen(e)!)

08.17.15 Mostly biblical+very saintly names needed for Green Bean #4 (on earth)

08.10.15 Five-syllable firstname-middlename(s) combo needed for Baby Boy! (update: Adrian Leo!)

08.03.15 Saintly, different first initials, easy to spell

07.27.15 Ideas needed for #5 green bean

07.20.15 Sporty, uncommon, traditional, ethnic — help!

07.13.15 Isabel, Maggie, Julia, Olivia, or … ? (update: Olivia Rose!)

07.06.15 Boy #3 needs a name!

06.29.15 Not-too-difficult Irish name needed!

06.22.15 Brother to Miles

06.16.15 Baby Floyd #4

06.08.15 Eve? Adrienne? Or …?

06.01.15 Theologian + science/nature?

05.25.15 Uebbing Baby Quattro (update: Uebbing Baby Quattro!)

05.18.15 Nickname for Victor

05.11.15 Baby #4 (boy names the hardest!)

05.04.15 Baby Girl B #4 (update: Sylvia Rhea!)

04.27.15 Baby Girl Johnson

04.20.15 Baby M-rhymes-with-Mary

04.13.15 Baby D (#6) (update: Annalise Rose!)

04.06.15 Camp Patton’s newest camper (update: Patton Camper #5!!)

03.30.15 Nicknames for Carmela

03.23.15 Baby Girl Wendt

03.02.15 Wee Lassie Heckaman (update: Wee lassie’s debut!)

02.23.15 Baby Girl Stark (update: Little Miss Stark!)

02.16.15 Baby Enloe #2 (update: Little Man Enloe!)

02.09.15 Penny Family name analysis, and guess the new baby’s name! (update: Penny Baby #9!)

02.02.15 Baby #4, if a boy

01.26.15 Baby #4, a girl (update: Jessie’s girl!)

01.19.15 Baby #8, a boy (update: Louis Gabriel!)

01.15.15 Baby SHAN-ick, if a girl (update: Little Miss SHAN-ick!)

01.14.15 He likes/she likes

01.08.15 Suggestions for Baby Fisher (update: Simcha’s baby!!)

09.09.14 Prince or Princess, and Predictions (update: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!!!)